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If skinny jeans and hipster sneakers feel way too 2010'ish and you're looking for something a bit more grounded, a bit more real, a bit more mature, well you shouldn't rub out inFamous: Second Son from your list of games to play, because despite being a hash-consuming, anarchist's wet-dream put into a digitally interactive fantasy, there is still a lot of environmental truth to the depiction of the game's world.

Sucker Punch Studios let loose a brand new video featuring the core setting of Seattle, Washington, recreated with startling detail and lot of small visual nuances that you may not have been expecting from an open-world, anti-hero game.

There's not a lot of gameplay on display in the video, sadly. I imagine the developers are saving those in-game surprises for the game's launch this spring, as it prepares to help close out the launch window games for Sony's fourth generation console in the eighth generation of gaming, and we prep to embrace the next wave of titles set for announcement following GDC and E3.

Previously, I was pretty critical of inFamous: Second Son's AI; it looked pretty miserable. Then again, the series was never known for its strikingly intelligent artificial opposition. If, however, the game manages to compensate the poor AI with a lot of exploratory, destructive fun, then I could be forgiving of that. Just Cause 2 is kind of the perfect example of having AI dumber than the people who thought it was a good idea to make an always-on, always-watching camera to collect personal information in a game console. Oh wait, even Just Cause 2's AI weren't that dumb.

Anyway, focusing on giving players a lot of environmental room to move around and snap photos and videos could give the game a nice pseudo-photo mode like Skyrim, where gamers just went around snapping some sexy shots of amazingly detailed vistas and landscapes. The impression showcased in the video at least seems to hint at the game having graphics of a fidelity high enough to support and showcase the quality of such a side-activity.

I am curious how well inFamous: Second Son will measure up to Titanfall in sales. By comparison, Sucker Punch's games were never really huge sellers and there's far less promotional fanfare encircling the game the way it is with Titanfall (for better or for worse). I do wonder if the sheer favoritism of the Sony brand at the moment will help spur sales of inFamous or if Sony will have to work a little harder to get gamers excited about the game?

You can look for the game to launch at the end of March, exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Need to learn more? Feel free to pay a kind visit to the game's official website.

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