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Following hot on the heels of Apple’s announcement that the iPhone 4S is directly around the corner (and by that, I mean an October 14th release) Epic Games has announced that the next generation mobile game is also on the way, and it goes by the name of Infinity Blade 2.

This news follows up on Epic’s initiative into more casual oriented middleware, specifically optimizing the Unreal Engine 3 for browser based design tools such as Flash Player 11. This same, highly optimized UE3 will also power the upcoming Infinity Blade 2 as stated on PC World, which not only boasts enhanced visuals and effects but it also adds new gameplay mechanics as well, including the ability to dual-wield swords.

The original action-RPG for the iPhone made waves for being a high-end mobile game with console-quality graphics and gameplay. Gamers progressed through the game facing off against large bosses and using touch-screen swipes, hacks and slashes to down opponents. Additional details on the game, the mechanics and the story have not been revealed yet but we'll definitely be sure to keep you posted on any updates.

It's obvious that Epic definitely wants to spearhead top-notch games for mobile devices, and you can look for Infinity Blade 2 to land on the App Store for the iPhone 4S come December 1st later this year.

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