Interstellar Marines Co-op Prequel Game To Arrive On PSN, XBLA Before Full Game

Considering that an official release date is a ways off for the upcoming first-person, sci-fi shooter from Zero Point Software, the developers have decided to whet the appetites of gamers with a cooperative back-story prequel game that will explain the story for the main game. What’s more is that this prequel game of sorts will make an appearance on Steam, XBLA and PSN Before the main game arrives.

Kim Haar Jørgensen, the lead game designer on Interstellar Marines, revealed in an interview we conducted with him that…

…the more reactions we get the faster things are moving forward. So we hope to instead of just releasing the game is to release a prequel of Interstellar Marines to focus on the back-story of the first tries to initiate the Interstellar Marines program, which is actually a big part of the back-story for the game. And we hope to be able to release that as a small game on XBLA, PSN and Steam, hopefully not too long into the future. Just to get the co-op and the tactical role-playing and all that going, so people get something while waiting for the full game.

That certainly sounds good to me. I love hold-me-off titles that give us a small taste of something bigger. Diehard fans should maintain their excitement, though, because Zero Point would still need a publisher to get the prequel on Xbox Live Arcade given Microsoft’s XBLA rule of no publisher, no publishing”.

Right now gamers can already get a small sampling of the shooting and movement mechanics with the Running Man and Bullseye mini-games, which are currently available to play for free on the Interstellar Marines Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.