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Gamers who keep an eye on original games may have heard of the title Interstellar Marines bounced around every once and a while within the gaming community. Well you may be hearing a lot more about Interstellar Marines because Zero Point Software (the developers behind this ambitious sci-fi adventure) has their hands on PS3 and Xbox 360 development kits and the game is being planned for release across the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

In an interview conducted with Interstellar Marines’ game director, Kim Haar Jørgensen confirmed to us that Zero Point…
”has talked directly with Microsoft and Sony to publish directly onto the digital platforms for the consoles.” … “It’s still way into the future regarding launching anything on the consoles.”

However, at the moment Microsoft has a “no publisher no publishing” rule in effect that prevents indie developers from having games without a publisher onto the Xbox Live Arcade, and Zero Point Software doesn't have a publisher at the moment. The situation with Sony is much more amicable, though, as Kim commented that…
“Sony has a much more liberal publishing going for the PlayStation Network. So we’re allowed to publish there without a publisher, which is pretty fantastic. ”

Fantastic indeed. If the game continues to make steady progress on PC and Mac from the sound of it the situation seems to favor a possible release on the PlayStation Network faster than that of the Xbox 360. But only time will tell.

You can learn more about the four-player cooperative, sci-fi shooter, Interstellar Marines, or try out some of the shooting mechanics for the game by visiting the Official Website.

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