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JetGetters Combines Just Cause 2 With Battlefield 4, Could Arrive For Wii U

Okay, imagine a game where you get the grappling abilities of Just Cause 2, the destruction and aerial dynamics of Battlefield 4 and all the cool mayhem associated with competitive online multiplayer, combined with a fresh art-style and the potential to arrive on the Wii U. Sounds awesome? I think so.

JetGetters is currently going through the Kickstarter phase and aiming to rack up some funds using the crowd-source method. The team behind the game is TinyBuild Games. You might remember them from the spectacularly slick platformer, No Time To Explain, which managed to get green-lit and is now on the Steam store.

The game has only been on Kickstarter for a short while but has already managed $11,089 on a $50,000 goal. That's not too bad, especially considering that they have 24 days to go and just enough time to build tons of momentum.

The thing is, this game is basically a small slice of Just Cause 2's multiplayer mod. It's pretty snazzy that they're taking the fun parts from Avalanche Studios' open-world action title's multiplayer mod and bringing it to a wider audience... like, the console audience.

Nintendo Enthusiast – always so enthusiastic about digging deep where others fail – decided to reach out and ask TinyBuild exactly what their plans were for JetGetters when it comes to the Wii U (because really, the system deserves all the awesome games). TinyBuild sent back a response to Nintendo Enthusiast saying...

“We have definitely considered porting the game to Wii U. We are committed to porting to Playstation platforms over the Spring, but we are open to other platforms as well. One of the big questions for us right now is the sales potential.”

Oh snaps. Committed to the “Playstation platforms”? I guess none of us have to guess what that means. PS4 port inbound? I might like to think so.

Sony has been extremely vigilant in purposefully seeking out indie titles and Kickstarter projects, helping to expand and grow the portfolio of the PlayStation 4. It was part of an initiative they started last year after announcing the PS4 by waiving concept certification and patching fees. This was all in an attempt to open the doors and bring in more indies. I'd say it's working.

As for JetGetters, I'm hoping the game definitely makes it onto the Wii U. The game would be a perfect fit for Nintendo's console.

You can help fund the game or learn more by paying a visit to the official Kickstarter page.

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