TinyBuild's indie title that was upvoted on Steam's Greenlight to store certification has officially launched, that's right...there's no time to explain in No Time To Explain and gamers can get in on the neck-break-speed adventure title that sees all sorts of crazy time-traveling paradoxes intersect in the platform shooter title.

The trailer for the game sums up the experience nicely as a sort of homage to the world-saving trope with a minor twist, as the main character first has to save himself before moving on to the bigger fish...or rather, the bigger crabs. Check it out below and try not to laugh too hard.

This really is a from nothing-to-something independent success story, as No Time To Explain originated on Kickstarter and after some success in crowd-sourced funding, moved onto Steam's Greenlight, a community-driven service that upvotes projects based on user feedback. Some of the games on there are truly remarkable while others aim to push boundaries. Luckily enough, tinyBuild's No Time To Explain moved up the ranks and managed to get greenlit after receiving enough votes. Fast forward to this week and the game is now currently available for purchase and at a 20% off discount at that.

The game looks like a great romp, with plenty of over-the-top boss encounters, fast-fingers-required platforming puzzles and enough action to satisfy even the most jaded of core gamers.

You can grab No Time To Explain right now on Steam for the limited-time price of $7.49. For more information feel free to visit the official page.

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