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Jurassic Park: Aftermath Trailer Showcases The Power Of CryEngine 3

A user-modded rendition of Jurassic Park, that's what that is in the video. Some chap had the talent, the skill and the know-how to bring one of the movie industry's most recognized names to life in Crytek's highly lauded CryEngine 3 and as showcased in the video, it looks absolutely gorgeous.

It amazes me how much dedication and time these modders put into pet projects like this. Some of you might remember the Source Engine version of Jurassic Park, which seems to be coming along quite nicely. The biggest difference between the two projects is that one shows a lot more progress in regards to the AI, the weapon mechanics and the actual playability.

Still, Jurassic Park: Aftermath looks pretty good running on the CryEngine 3 SDK and as noted by DSO Gaming, this was all achieved by a single bloke working his arse off over the course of three arduous weeks of intense line-by-line, pixel-by-pixel work.

The thing that always gets to me with this sort of thing is that these no-name modders can come up with stuff that looks more interesting and play-worthy than 80% of the stuff churned out from the AAA publishers. That tech demo of Jurassic Park: Aftermath showcases a game I'd like to play, it's just a shame that our equivalent of this in the mainstream gaming sector is more zombies in Call of Duty.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.