If this summer of super hero movies has left you wanting more, Netmarble may be of assistance. The developer is creating a mobile game entitled Justice League: Earth's Final Defense starring a host of DC Comics characters.

In Earth's Final Defense, the world's greatest heroes band together to stop some unknown threat. Players will be able to control Batman, The Flash, The Green Lantern, Superman and Wonder Woman. A supporting cast of - let's face it, less popular - characters like Supergirl and Aquaman will aid these five heroes.

The game's a top-down brawler reminiscent of Marvel Ultimate Alliance. You can customize your character's skills and unlock bonus outfits throughout your adventure. The chief difference between this and Ultimate Alliance, though, is that you're taking on the role of one hero at a time instead of selecting a full team.

Netmarble intends to release Justice League later this summer on iOS.

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