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Kim Jong-Un Shoots Up Sony Pictures In North Korean Parody Game

Moneyhorse Games won't be cancelling their video game parodying North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. Instead, they plan to incorporate North Korea's alleged threats and hacking of Sony Pictures into the game.

Glorious Leader! is a Contra-like side-scroller that stars Kim Jong Un. The player controls the North Korean despot as he battles American military forces invading his country. The surreal journey sees Kim Jong-Un team up with former NBA star Dennis Rodman and ride a unicorn. When he's in trouble, he can call on the ghost of his father Kim Jong-il to wipe out his enemies.

The game was announced this Spring with 7 levels that included the USS Bush, Pyongyang and Paektu Mountain. However, now Moneyhorse Games plans to include a bonus mission set on Sony Pictures. Here's the first screenshot of that level from the Glorious Leader! Kickstarter page:

Kim Jong-Un Fighting Seth Rogen

Moneyhorse launched the Kickstarter campaign for Glorious Leader! on the same day that Sony announced they were cancelling The Interview's theatrical debut later this month. The Interview stars James Franco and Seth Rogen as journalists asked to assassinate Kim Jong-Un. Hackers that the FBI believe were backed by North Korea stole private records from Sony in response to the film. After these hackers threatened to attack theaters that aired the movie, Sony scuttled plans to air it.

The Glorious Leader! Kickstarter has raised over $6,600 so far. Moneyhorse hopes to raise $55,000 by January 15th.

"I should probably ask for more funds now to beef up our cybersecurity," Moneyhorse's Jeff Miller told the Associated Press. "We didn't know things were going to get this weird."

Moneyhorse hasn't gotten any threats over their game yet. Miller suggests this is because the game makes Jong Un "look totally awesome," albeit in a very sarcastic way. I'd imagine the much lower profile of Glorious Leader! compared to the The Interview helps, too.

Glorious Leader! is currently in development for PC and mobile devices. Miller says that Microsoft turned down the game for Xbox consoles. However, Miller told the AP that Sony seemed receptive to a PlayStation release when he spoke with them in October. It's possible that Sony's attitude might change due to the controversy over The Interview, though. The level with Kim Jong-Un shooting up Sony Pictures probably won't help matters, either. Miller told the AP he'll "wait a little while" before reaching out again.

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Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.