Knytt Underground is headed to PSN this week, giving PlayStation 3 and Vita platforming fans something meaty to bite into over the holidays for $14.99. Much like Super Meat Boy and Braid before it, however, Knytt Underground’s beauty looks to be equaled by a tough-as-nails difficulty.

We announced this morning that the newest Knytt title would be joining the PlayStation family when the store update goes live this Tuesday, Dec. 18, but now indie developer Nicklas Nygren has released a few more details about the game.

For starters, Knytt Underground will offer more than 1,800 rooms for players to explore, each of which should only take a few seconds to clear once you figure out the trick. Of course, some of those “tricks” will be more difficult to pull off than others.

According to a press release from Nygren, Knytt will have an “unparalleled sense of freedom of movement; running; jumping; climbing; swinging and bouncing; all blended smoothly to create zen-like gameplay.” That sounds lovely and all, but some of those rooms we just saw look like they could put me into a state that could be described as anything but “zen.” Still, a good challenge is always welcome, especially if it’s set across such a gorgeous game.

If all of that colorful, death-defying tomfoolery looks like a good time, then you can pick up Knytt Underground starting tomorrow for $14.99 on PSN. A cross-buy title, buying the game for either the PS3 or PS Vita will unlock it for both systems.

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