LEGO Universe, a massive multiplayer online game based off the popular LEGO toy line (perhaps you've heard of it), should make lots and lots of people rich. However, the game is now being delayed from its early 2009 release. Why? So LEGO can make the game even more lucrative.

Mark Hansen, Director of Business Development for LEGO, told Ten Ton Hammer that the game was pushed back so it would better fit with the company's toy release schedule. "We're trying to align the physical play with the virtual play. We never know what products are going to be 'hitting' or not, and we actually have a lot of products that are out there right now that are 'hitting.' We want to get the feel of LEGO into this game to match those products. We also don't want to detract from those products that are out there that are doing very well."

Who knew running an empire of yellow plastic men could be so taxing? Hansen couldn't specify what the new release date would be, but noted that the delay was "not a long period of time." Here I suppose I should say something like "Oh man, stupid delay! I can't wait til I can play with virtual LEGOS with strangers from across the globe!" but it sounds sarcastic even when it's written out.

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