Naughty Dog has made such a transition from titles like Uncharted to something that speaks volumes both philosophically and aesthetically with a game like The Last of Us. The latest developer diary covers the team's quest to create one of the most wondrous and beautifully rendered wastelands featured in a video game to date.

The Last of Us follows the characters Joel and Elle as they attempt be honest I don't really know what they're trying to do. But anyway, Joel and Elle are traveling around and the game puts players in some tough moral circumstances, some intense horror-related situations and some good old fashioned fisticuffs with pillaging bandits.

Much like Uncharted, Naughty Dog is using the streamlined narrative to tell a story, keep players engaged with a lot of functional platforming and keep twitchy-fingered gamers on edge with some occasional shootouts. The blend seems to be well paced, based on the videos and brief playthroughs Sony and Naughty Dog have made available and I'm very interested to see how the game rolls out this June.

You can learn more about The Last of Us by paying a visit to the game's Official Website.

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