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League of Legends players recently found a way to play matches with duplicate champions. Riot Games confirmed that this is a new game mode called One for All that they're planning to implement in the future.

"For the past few months, there's been a team at Riot creating original, experimental game modes for players to check out," designer Richard ‘Brackhar’ Hough said on the game's forum. "The duplicate champion mode - we call it One For All internally - is the first mode from that effort we'll be sharing with you in the future. Featured game modes are intended to be unique short-lived experiences that we'll release regularly, and we're really excited by the possibilities."

"Cycling new modes will let us work with you guys to create new experiences that would have been difficult to do as permanent game features, and it gives us free reign to go mildly crazy. Also, cycling new modes in and out will allow us to keep these things fresh and focused from a gameplay perspective."

LoL players were able to access One for All by altering some of the game's code. It's a bit buggy but the core concept - playing a match with more than one of the same champion is intact. Some players took this to the logical extreme, pitting teams composed entirely of one champion against each other. Or two teams composed of the same champion:

Riot will be disabling this method of playing the mode later in the week. They haven't banned anyone for playing the duplicate champions mode and have no plans to do so before it's patched out. If you get to try it out, Riot wants your feedback. This mode is obviously going to result in some balance issues so they need all the data they can get on that front. The development team is also looking for suggestions for other experimental game modes.

"One For All will be making its reappearance before the new year with a bunch of new features (including matchmaking!), so you won't have to wait too long before you see it again," Hough said. "In the meantime, have fun! Try out Fiddlesticks if you haven't: five Fiddles is one of the scariest things I think I've ever seen. It's just... birds all day."

League of Legends players have a few other things to look forward to this fall as well. Through several themed events, Riot plans to re-release 34 limited edition skins for various champions.

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