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League Of Legends Limited Edition Skins Coming Back

If you missed out on Limited Edition skins for League of Legends like Zombie Ryze and Goalkeeper Blitzcrank, you're going to get another shot at purchasing them. LoL developer Riot Games plans to re-release many of the Limited Edition Skins in the months ahead.

Riot released 34 limited edition skins between December 2009 and October 2011 and planned to only offer them for a brief window of time. If players missed out on buying these skins, they wouldn't get another chance. However, Riot has decided to reconsider the strategy because of two reasons. First, the player community for LoL has grown so much that these LE skins are almost never seen in the game. Second, fans have been clamoring for a re-release.

"Every day we receive heartfelt emails with compelling stories from players asking for the chance to own or gift their favorite skin, either because they missed the brief store window due to travel, illness, deployment, etc., or because they hadn’t joined the LoL community yet," Riot says in a news post.

This month, they'll put the skins from the Harrowing 2010 and Harrowing 2010 events on sale. The Snowdown Showdown 2009 and 2010 collections will return in December. The Winter Games 2010 and World Cup 2010 skins will make a comeback in February and June of next year, respectively. Here's the full list of Champion skins on sale for each window:

October 2013

  • Mundo Mundo
  • Pumpkinhead Fiddlesticks
  • Kitty Cat Katarina
  • Lollipoppy
  • Zombie Ryze
  • Nosferatu Vladimir
  • FrankenTibbers Annie
  • Definitely Not Blitzcrank
  • Bewitching Nidalee
  • Haunting Nocturne

December 2013

  • Snow Bunny Nidalee
  • Workshop Nunu
  • Happy Elf Teemo
  • Earnest Elf Tristana
  • Old Saint Zilean
  • Re-Gifted Amumu
  • Santa Gragas
  • Reindeer Kog’Maw
  • Candy Cane Miss Fortune
  • Ragdoll Poppy
  • Nutcracko
  • Silent Night Sona

February 2014

  • Vancouver Amumu
  • Team Spirit Anivia
  • Ice Toboggan Corki
  • Union Jack Fiddlesticks
  • The Mighty Jax
  • Festival Kassadin
  • Whistler Village Twitch
  • Curling Veigar

June 2014

  • All-Star Akali
  • Goalkeeper Blitzcrank
  • Striker Ezreal
  • Red Card Katarina

Re-releasing these skins might upset a few players who bought them with the understanding that they weren't going to be sold ever again. Riot is planning a few bonuses for these original owners of the LE skins. For starters, they'll receive Riot Points equal to the price they spent for the skins. They'll also get a vintage appearing in the loading screen, as well as an exclusive summoner icon. If Riot releases these skins again, they won't provide additional bonuses to the old-school owners.

Riot adds that they may bring back other Limited Edition skins in time as well, such as Championship Riven or Riot K9 Nasus. They have no plans to re-release the "earned" LE skins from events or achievements, such as Victorious Jarvan or PAX Twisted Fate.

The development team will be hosting an AMA on Reddit to answer any questions players have about this decision and others. The AMA kicks off on October 15th at 12pm Pacific Time.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.