Geeta Games' Lilly Looking Through is a throwback to the bygone era of the point-and-click adventure games that flooded and enticed the market during the 90s boom era of gaming... also known as the Golden Age of gaming. The title aims to rekindle the nostalgia of old while bridging in aesthetics, visuals and technology from the new.

The game was recently Kickstarted to success with $33,000, even though the team was only asking for $18,000. Good beans.

Players assume the role of Lilly, a young girl who puts on some looking glasses that completely changes the way she sees and experiences things. The entirety of the plot – or the point A and point B of storytelling – is actually left hidden for now. Thankfully, Geeta Games didn't want to ruin the entire game in the descriptions and press materials, which is a nice change of pace (I'm looking at you Ubisoft).

The point-and-click adventure title takes place in a colorful and vibrant world that moves players along as they discover new locations and solve the typical puzzles associated with the genre.

The developers are now seeking the second phase of community approval... not with money or funding but with a greenlight from the gatekeepers. While develoeprs and gamers may not be entirely keen on Steam's Greenlight process, I have to admit that without it I never would have heard of Lilly Looking Through or The Note or Savant: Ascent. That's not to mention that if it was one of those games that Valve didn't think was worthy of being added to their store then it's a game that just wouldn't exist on a widely available portal such as Steam. That's a lot of potential gamers who would have otherwise missed out on this game, and in that regards, as a graft for the expensive arm of marketing, I think that Greenlight serves its purpose well in exposing gamers and the gaming community at large to new, intriguing and interesting games that wouldn't get any kinds of exposure otherwise.

Also, I really think Lilly Looking Through deserves whatever kind of attention it receives. Will it appear as a positive prospect on the manifests of the video game feminist agenda troop? Who knows. But, the game at least works against everything that so many people claim to be a dire and dreadful aspect of the video game industry.

You can show your support for Lilly Looking Through by giving the game an upvote or two over on the official Greenlight page.

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