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Commander Shepard's got some formidable new allies in Mass Effect 2 and it looks like he'll need every bit of their talents to get by. The latest trailer introduces some of the enemies that he will face in this latest adventure.

The Collectors are an insectoid race who has been paralyzing and kidnapping humans throughout the galaxy. They were mentioned in the Mass Effect: Ascension novel and in the game you'll actually get to face them. The Reapers, the main foe of the trilogy, will also make another appearance. They've been conducting experiments with combining organic and cybernetic tissue and have created dangerous new creations to fight you. In addition to the zombie-like husks from the first game, you'll also fight the artillery-wielding Scions and the squid-like Praetorians.

The Reaper's robotic underlings, the Geth, will attempt to stop Shepard as well but they're said to have a "reduced role" in this game. One of the major characters in ME2, though, is a self-aware Geth named Legion who is determined to hunt Shepard down. Legion actually wears a piece of Shepard's armor on his body at all times, which means he's the fellow who was featured in that teaser trailer last winter.

Mass Effect 2 arrives on January 26th in North America and on the 29th in Europe. Earlier today BioWare announced a Collector's Edition for the game.

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