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That's right, Megan Fox has done it; a successful Kickstarter campaign completed with room to spare. We also did it... here at Gaming Blend we just managed to get people to click into this article thinking that Megan Fox Kickstarted a little 3D Metroidvania platformer on a $20,000 budget. Yeah, it's still Megan Fox, but this ain't Transformers.

Megan Fox, the independent game designer, has the privileged opportunity to share the same name as the queen of intergalactic, fighting robot-machines. Although, I don't think the name helped sell this off-center Kickstarter the way some people may have thought. And just to be extra clear, this is not locking-lips-with-Shia-Labeouf Megan Fox. Okay good. Let's move on.

Fox and Glass Bottom Games' Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore A Fedora has successfully been Kickstarted, no thanks to Michael Bay and Megatron. On the upside it means that a game that takes the platforming and adventure gaming genre and turns it on its head will actually arrive on the market... at some point... maybe... potentially in August of 2014.

Unfortunately, the stretch goals weren't met and this is news that probably bums-out the diehard followers of the project hoping to see NPC daily routines and the various forms of ammunition, which would have been added at the higher tier of the stretch goals. But as we all know, all is fair in crowd-funding and indie start-ups (except for fraud... fraud isn't very fair and your career and rep will be forever stained like some people whose names I won't name... no wait, I'll name them anyway *cough*A:CM*cough*).

Nevertheless, on to the brighter side of things... with a promising Kickstarter under the belt (or trench coat, either one is fine) it spells bigger forms of success for the Unity Engine-powered game in a certain other avenue; an avenue that brings another test of community patience and affability. I'm talking about that software gauntlet we call Steam Greenlight.

As many people know (or don't know, it's not a widely known thing) Valve gauges which games to greenlight based on popularity, media coverage and crowd-funding success. With Hot Tin Roof striding across a three-for-three on the score board, I would imagine that in the next phase of titles being greenlit that The Cat That Wore A Fedora might be one of them.

Just in case the game misses the new batch of greenlit titles like a cheap pair of headphones from Hong Kong that fall off the crate on a boat full of knockoffs, you might want to do your part to support this title by paying a kind visit to the official Greenlight page and upvote the game like a fedora-wearing cat's life depended on it... and in a way, it kind of does.

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