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Want a sneak peek at the highly controversial Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V? Well, Hideo Kojima dropped a simple, 54 second trailer of the mysterious and mystically powerful Quiet. We previously saw that her skin could camouflage but we didn't really know exactly what else was going on with her.

Well, in the trailer above, courtesy of YongYea, we find out that she can either teleport or go completely invisible (it's a little hard to tell which one she's actually doing, but it looks like she can go completely invisible).

The teaser trailer seems to mostly be there for fan-service, as the only characteristic about her that we see is that she's scantily clad, that the Fox Engine obviously seems to be finely tuned for state-of-the-art boob physics and that there's plenty to ogle over regarding the character.

In fact, the whole scantily clad thing is something that managed to get Hideo Kojima in serious trouble with social justice advocates, as they pelted the legendary game designer with criticisms up and done the internet for putting Quiet in such skimpy outfit. There was a huge debacle over why she wasn't wearing traditional military fatigues – and then we had a drawing of Big Boss appear showing how ridiculous he would look if he were wearing what she was wearing – and the whole thing blew up to farcical proportions.

Quite naturally, due to the heated discussions surrounding whether or not Quiet should be dressed the way she is, Kojima tried assuaging concerned gamers by explaining that there was a reason she's dressed the way she is and that it's part of the story. Of course, levying criticisms against the character before understanding what's really going on seems to be the flavor of the generation, as it's something that's happening more and more frequently during the developmental phase of gaming.

Nevertheless, Metal Gear Solid V appears to be coming along quite nicely, with the game showcasing tons of really cool features that not only set apart from everything else on the market but also elevates the presentation and gameplay mechanics a whole level above what was featured in Metal Gear Solid IV.

The cardboard box is like an overpowered device that allows the Boss to hide, dive, sneak and setup decoys using the box. The Fulton is another neat addition to the game, as players can utilize the feature in some pretty neat ways to destroy enemy aircraft, or steal resources to bring back to your base.

Speaking of bases... the game's multiplayer seems like it could be very ambitious, giving players the option to build up their own army and defenses and then battle it out with other invading players who might want to take your resources and supplies.

The whole multiplayer, base-building element could create a serious meta-game community if it's done right.

Later in the month we'll be able to see more of Metal of Gear Solid V when additional footage debuts at the Tokyo Game Show in Japan.
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