Minecraft 2 Scam Angers Mojang, Get The Details

In case you woke up this morning and was excited to see that a Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2 existed, you might not want to hit the download button quite yet. The game is in no way tied to the beloved build-it-yourself series, and the developers at Mojang are working to have it removed from the App Store.

As Eurogamer is reporting, word of the fake Minecraft 2 first popped up on the Reddit /r/Games page, where the original poster pointed out that the fourth highest rated paid game on iOS at the time was none other than Minecraft 2. Folks were shocked because Mojang never announced the existence of such a game.

That is, of course, because Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2 doesn’t actually exist. Well, to be clear, it does exist, but it’s a fraudulent sequel trying to make big bucks off of someone else’s property.

Now we’ve seen game clones by the hundreds pop up on the App Store before, but this might be the first time a game blatantly claimed to be the sequel of another game. Clones usually steal the content, but are at least classy enough to parody a game’s name rather than flat-out steal it. Keep in mind that we’re not supporting clones here, either; just stating that their creators usually try to be a bit less obvious about what they’re doing.

As for this supposed Minecraft II, the game’s description claims that it takes the activity of building and breaking blocks to whole new levels.

At first, people built structures to protect against nocturnal monsters, but as the game grew players worked together to create wonderful, imaginative things. Explore randomly generated worlds and build amazing things from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles…Craft, create and explore alone or with friends on mobile devices or Windows 10.

That certainly sounds like Minecraft, right? Well, for your five bucks, you will instead play a game where you take control of Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion (might as well rip off even more folks, right?) in a swipe-based combat romp against invading zombies. In case it wasn’t abundantly clear, the game is garbage and the original report states that it crashed their iPhone after just a few minutes.

And as if that isn’t enough, the game claims the developer is Scott Cawthorn, which is actually a misspelling of the the guy's name behind the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. His real name is Scott Cawthon. If you go to the developer’s page, you’ll find even more games that are similar rip-offs of both Mortal Kombat and Five Nights at Freddy's.

Obviously, Mojang is in the process of having the game removed from the App Store. Whoever is responsible, they might have a few angry developers, including Mojang parent company Microsoft, knocking on their door soon.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.