The open-world building game Minecraft has hit yet another impressive sales milestone. Developer Mojang's Jens Bergensten announced over Twitter that the PC version of the game has sold over 10 million. He also provided a glimpse at a new feature for patch 1.6.

Minecraft first launched on the PC back in 2009. Sales haven't slowed much as the game has aged. Over 2 million PC gamers have picked it up since November.

The game's since been ported to iOS, Android and Xbox 360. Though the features of these versions lag behind their PC counterpart, sales have been strong on those platforms as well. In its first two months, the 360 version sold over 3 million. As of January, Minecraft has sold 20 million across all platforms.

Maybe the most impressive part of Minecraft's success is that Mojang didn't advertise it at all. Instead, word-of-mouth slowly built up as the game progressed through its alpha and beta tests. The open-ended design and emergent gameplay created a huge following among both gamers and critics alike.

"As promised, a subtle hint on the main 1.6 feature," tweeted Bergensten along with a picture of a woman with a horse:

Minecraft horses

Presumably this means that Mojang is adding horses to the game. Or maybe the fence behind the horse. Or the woman.

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