Minecraft PS4 And Xbox One Patch Revealed, Horse Update Coming Soon

4J Studios announced this week that they're about to release a major patch for the newly released PS4 and Xbox One versions of Minecraft. They also indicated that all console versions are going to be receiving a lot of content soon.

The new Xbox One and PS4 patch is focused on fixing bugs. It also makes one small addition: a 'Copy Save' feature so that players can duplicate their world. Here are the full patch notes from the Minecraft forums:

  • Fix for tile entities not being saved correctly in unloaded chunks. (Empty Chests, Spawners turning into Pig Spawners, etc.)
  • Enable hiding mashup-pack worlds from the saves list, and re-enabling them all from the options menu.
  • Change to ‘disable saving’ setting so that it remains set for a specific save when reloading that save.
  • Fix for Glass Blocks placed next to each other rendering incorrectly.
  • Fix for enchanted items not destroying blocks as quickly as they should.
  • Changed 3D sound attenuation to have linear fall-off, with special cases for thunder, Enderdragon & Ghast sounds. (Sound volumes incorrect bug)
  • Improved frame-rate in Jungles.
  • Fix for missing chunks in Superflat world on host console.
  • Fixed an issue with mob spawning rates.
  • Fix for hit box on Torches sometimes being incorrect.
  • Fix for entities being duplicated (every save/load cycle) for transferred worlds (Multiple Enderdragons bug).
  • Fix for 'Can Build and Mine' not functioning correctly.
  • Fixed issue with mobs still being aggressive while player is invisible (using Potion).
  • Fixed an issue recording Spider Jockey kills.
  • Fix for players riding Boats/Minecarts sometimes being invisible to remote players.
  • Fix for Maps placed in an Item Frame appear as blank to other players.
  • Fix to move HUD down when tooltips are disabled.
  • Fix for camera resetting when going through Nether or End Portals.
  • Xbox One: Fix for issue with Xbox 360 Save transfer when the save is exited without saving on Xbox One.
  • Xbox One:Fixed an issue with gamer pictures occasionally causing a crash.
  • PS4: Fixed an issue with save transfers not using the most recent player data.
  • PS4: Fix for Lily Pad breaking particle effect.
  • Added a 'Copy Save' option to allow people to 'back-up' their world to another save.

The last-gen and current-gen console versions of Minecraft still lag significantly behind the original PC/Mac edition. 4J indicates that a new patch could close the gap considerably:

Patch 1.6 was known as the "Horse Update." It introduced horses, donkeys and mules to the game. Players could tame and then ride these animals. This patch also added hardened clay, carpets and coal blocks.

4J's tweet suggests that the new console patch could encompass the content from Patch 1.4 and Patch 1.5 of the PC/Mac edition, too. The Pretty Scary Update (a.k.a. Patch 1.4) added the Wither boss along with several other new monsters. Patch 1.5 (the Redstone Update) introduced Nether Quartz ore along with several Redstone-related items.

If all of this content is included with the next console Minecraft patch, that would be a huge step forward for those versions. However, as 4J says, this update could take a long while to finish. The wait might be lengthened due to the fact that they're still finishing the Vita version of the game.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.