Minecraft Player Shares Disturbing Theory About The Game's Story

Not that a game like Minecraft really needs a narrative, but one clever (and decidedly dark-thinking) Youtuber has crafted a yarn for the world-building game that actually makes something resembling sense.

I doubt Telltale Games needs any help working on their Minecraft game but, if they need some story points, here's an interesting place to start.

Youtube's spumwack apparently spends a lot of time staring at the sky in Minecraft, which inevitably led to his noticing a few anomalies when it comes to the movement of the game's celestial bodies. For starters, the sun and the moon are always opposite each other. The stars, too, follow a similar pattern, arching across the night sky of the game world in the same formation, without fail.

This odd astrological behavior got spumwack to questioning why that is, which led to the above video highlighting his hypothesis using what sounds like legit science...Well, legit science for fun theories that explain why things are the way they are within a video game, anyway.

Boiled down, spumwack hypothesizes that the behavior of the sun and the moon and all of those stars is due to the fact that, as people thought a long time ago, the rest of the galaxy actually revolves around the Earth. His reason for that fact is a little disturbing and actually pretty awesome at the same time.

According to his findings, spumwack suggests that, in the distant future, the Earth's sun will evolve into a black dwarf; basically a lifeless hunk of rock that used to be a furiously burning sun. With life on Earth threatened by this evolution, mankind spends countless years harvesting resources from its own planet and transporting it to the former sun. In the meantime, preparations are made to detonate the Earth, turning it into a new sun to help life continue on our new home.

Honestly, spumwack's version of the story is far better than I'm able to clumsily rehash here, with such heartwarming statements as “not only does Minecraft take place in the future on a dead sun, but that everyone in Minecraft who looks up can see the burning remnants of their home world.” Call me crazy, but I kind of want to get that cross-stitched and hang it on the wall in the living room.

As for all of the extra questions that pop up in regards to spumwack's hypothesis, he's also provided a handy faq on the original page. Even with the extra explanation, there's a lot of unanswered questions and giant leaps that need to be made but, come on, we're talking about a video game here and a guy who came up with a fun theory. If nothing else, maybe you'll watch it and, the next time you play Minecraft, you'll look into the night sky with a whole new perspective...Or maybe you'll be too busy riding around on a blocky horse. It's up to you.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.