Minecraft Skin Pack 6 Released On Xbox 360

Minecraft players on Xbox 360 have a new DLC pack waiting for them on Xbox Live. Skin Pack 6 can be downloaded starting today for $1.99.

Skin Pack 6 introduces over 40 new skins to Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition. The games represented in the bundle include Killer Instinct, Dragon Age 2 and several others. 4J Studios threw in some miscellaneous characters too, like soldiers and villagers. Here's the full list of characters included:

  • Spinal – Killer Instinct
  • Fulgore – Killer Instinct
  • Jago – Killer Instinct
  • Sabrewulf – Killer Instinct
  • Glacius – Killer Instinct
  • Thunder – Killer Instinct
  • Sadira – Killer Instinct
  • Orchid – Killer Instinct
  • Horse Man
  • Villager Priest
  • Villager Butcher
  • Villager Librarian
  • Villager Blacksmith
  • Villager Zombie
  • Hawke Female – Dragon Age
  • Hawke Male – Dragon Age
  • Flemeth – Dragon Age
  • Varric Tethras – Dragon Age
  • Fenris – Dragon Age
  • Isabela – Dragon Age
  • Merrill – Dragon Age
  • Marcus Campbell – State of Decay
  • Maya Torres – State of Decay
  • Ed Jones – State of Decay
  • Shark Hoodie Guy – State of Decay
  • Doc Hanson – State of Decay
  • Jean Rambois – Super Time Force
  • Aimy McKillin – Super Time Force
  • Jef Leppard – Super Time Force
  • Shieldy Blockerson – Super Time Force
  • Commander Repeatski – Super Time Force
  • Zackasaurus – Super Time Force
  • Teen Girl
  • Teen Boy
  • US Soldier
  • British Special Forces
  • US Special Forces
  • Russian Special Forces
  • Modern Pirate
  • Anarchist Rioter
  • Rebel Fighter
  • Republican Guard
  • Faith – Mirror’s Edge
  • Tech Boy – Trials Fusion
  • Drift Runner – Trials Fusion

You can try out Skin Pack 6 by downloading a free trial (opens in new tab). This lets you toy with a few of the characters. The trial is the same file size as the full version so you can probably unlock the additional skins as soon as you pay.

The question remains whether Xbox One will be getting this DLC as well. Minecraft is set to hit that console in August. Some Xbox 360 DLC will carry over to the XB1 version. However, 4J warned that other add-ons can't be transferred due to licensing agreements.

4J Studios let YouTuber Bigbst4tz2 have an early look at Skin Pack 6 this week. His gameplay video featuring the DLC's contents can be seen below.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.