The cooperative heist game that has been making waves and causing the underpants of reviewers to become soaked from excitement, has finally launched for Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade today, after suffering an ever-so-slight delay. You can grab the game for the digital price of 1200 MSP.

As noted in the press release...
Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine features single player or up to four-player co-op play, both local and online. Players can take on the role of The Locksmith, The Lookout, The Pickpocket, The Cleaner, The Mole, The Gentleman, The Hacker, or The Redhead. Inside of various landmarks around Monte Carlo, the thieves must infiltrate with smoke bombs and wrenches or wreak havoc with shotguns and C4.

The game has garnered most of its appreciation from the multiplayer cooperative modes. This isn't some silly tack-on thing either, like in many other AAA titles that have “social features” forcefully penetrated through development hole in order to become “broadly appealing”. Monaco was designed with multiplayer in mind to hearken back to the days of games like the Bonanza Bros or Diamond gamers a sense of immediate danger and simplistic methods of avoiding detection.

The music for the game is also quite unique, with a ragtime jazz score put together by Journey's own, and Grammy nominated composer, Austin Wintory. But the score isn't just all about the piano...a bundle soundtrack is also available featuring various other artists, as noted by Wintory himself, saying...
So there's two different things: the actual score in the game to Monaco is 100 percent solo piano, from start to finish, so that when you actually play the game there's always this sort of rockish and crazy, silent-era style. However, for the soundtrack release – and I worked on Monaco for two years and it duck-tailed with Journey heavily – as I was nearing the end, I was just kind of sitting and thinking one day that it would be fun to hear all this music put through the filter of other styles by various artists that inspire me.

You can grab a few friends and go on a heisting spree right now with Pocketwatch Games' Monaco for the Xbox Live Arcade. For further information on the game feel free to pay a kind visit to the official website.

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