You read the headline right, IGG's upcoming 3D MMO that pits humans versus vampires versus werewolves will cater to the Twilight fan(girl)s while at the same time having some action packed scenarios in place for core gamers. The game has serious building hopping action and double-jump options so players can easily scale the environments either to get to a certain location or to gain an advantage in combat.

According to the press release…
Some of the parkour-like stunts in Moonlight Online include stunning leaps that defy gravity itself. If you’ve ever envied the fantastic flips and superb somersaults in movies like The Prince of Persia or Twilight, you’ll be looking forward to controlling characters as they jump from building to building. In Moonlight Online, gamers will play the roles of director, star and stuntman in such spectacular scenes. Moreover, the developers are adding a marvelous twist to the soaring leaps characters can execute in the game: performing yet another jump in the midst of their first leap, resulting in astounding acrobatic display.

All right, now I hate Twilight as much as the next sane person over, but the concept for Moonlight Online really does sound awesome. What’s more is that the combat in the game will take on similarities to Red Cliff or Allods Online, so players can partially move-around while performing certain attacks.

The game is being designed mostly from the ground-up for PvP purposes, which is exactly what a vampire versus werewolf game aught to be like.

For more info on IGG’s vampire MMO, be sure to visit the Official Website.

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