Cats and mice have been mortal enemies since the dawn of time. In upcoming PlayStation Vita puzzle game MousCraft, however, you'll take on the roll of a cat who actually wants to see a group of mice succeed, navigating dangerous platforming mazes in order to reach a delicious, cheesy reward.

As Curve Studios PR and Marketing Manager Rob Clarke explained in a recent PlayStation Blog post, the mad feline scientist, Schrodinger, is just as much a star of the show as the mice who will be navigating his mazes. You'll see Schrodinger in the background of every level in MouseCraft, eagerly watching his mousy minions and recording their results.

As Rob Clarke explained in the post, and as can be seen in the trailer below, your goal is to help these mice make it from Point A to Point B by destroying obstacles and stacking “Tetrominoes”--four-block puzzle pieces—across the board.

“The game is meant to be a family-friendly puzzle experience, but we also have not forgotten about the completionists and hardcore players,” Clarke continued. “The game offers 80 levels full of collectibles, trophies, enemies, hazards and seven different types of Tetromino bricks.”

No ordinary house cat, Schrodinger comes from the planet of Cohesia, where he hopes to revolutionize the world by harnessing the power of “mice motion.” The game itself takes place within Schrodinger's latest creation, a machine that turns mice motion into raw power. Utilizing the cheese, Schrodinger aims to get those four-legged critters scurrying in order to make his latest invention a success.

“That's where the player comes in, to help get Schrodinger's invention running,” explained Clarke. “To achieve that, every part of the machine must be functional. There are 80 of them so, mathematically speaking, players will have to guide at least 80 mice to the cheese to complete the game and discover why the machine is so important to our crazy cat scientist.”

Yep, that all sounds rather adorable. Look to start solving puzzles with the power of mice on the PlayStation Vita come July 8, when MouseCraft launches on the PlayStation Network. No price point has been set yet, but we're guessing something in the $10-$15 range will be likely. And, if you'll notice, we managed to make it all the way through that entire post without dropping a single cheese-related pun, so there's something to pride ourselves on.

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