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Need For Speed: Most Wanted U Best Looking Version, EA Proves It With Video

The Wii U has been getting a lot of flak for not being a true next-gen system and while Nintendo's console doesn't sport the same specs as its bigger Xbox and PlayStation next-gen counterparts, it's still miles ahead of the Xbox 360 and PS3, and EA finally lifts the curtain on the Wii U's capabilities with a new video for NFS: Most Wanted U.

Now, this isn't some promo video trailer with spliced CGI footage or whatnot. This is real-time in-game play, and the press rep gives Nintendo World Report a very thorough examination of the game's capabilities on Nintendo's console. Check it out.

Wow oh wow.

Did you see how fast those transitions were? Day to night in the click of a button with no loading and dynamic lighting! That's PC processing speed right there.

How about switching vehicles on the fly or turning traffic on and off in real-time, while you're playing the game – that was pretty slick right there. The thing that was most impressive was that the Wii U didn't skip a beat. That's a good sign.

While the game was standardized at 30fps, I'd love to see how far they'll be able to push the Wii U and the neat things developers come up with for the console. Given that the PS4 can work in tandem with the lowest common development denominator and scale to the highest AAA possibilities that the tech allows, there leaves a lot of room for low and mid-tier multi-platform games that could keep the Wii U being competitive long into this upcoming console cycle.

If what you saw above has your appetite for a Wii U racing game aching for more, feel free to learn more about Need for Speed: Most Wanted U, which is due out on March 19th next month, by visiting the Official Website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.