Today the Battlefield Heroes team announced some of the new features coming to the multiplayer shooter. They also provided the first screenshots of a new map called "Coastal Clash."

"Coastal Clash" is a "infantry-focused map" that takes place in and around a windmill. That's only one of the things they're working on, though. Here's the full list of features in development, revealed through the BF Heroes website:

Add your friends so you can always see when they're on-line. From your friends list, you'll be one click away from directly joining them.

They're back! See how you stack up with thousands of other players and fight your way to the top. There's a whole range of different stats you can look up and compare.

Create and join your very own Group, complete with avatar and group banner!
Each group also has its very own, unique leaderboard, so you can compete with just your friends.

Player and Hero search
Find (or stalk) your frenemies with our new search features. Find out what Missions someone is currently on, what Abilities they're using and loads more.

Permanent items
ALL appearance items and emotes that can be bought with Battlefunds are now available permanently! Don't want to "rent" an item? You don't have to anymore.

Code redemption
Be on the lookout for special, promotional codes which you can redeem on the Heroes site for Battlefunds or very cool, exclusive items.
You did see the Rocketman promotion news, right?

Improved Store
Now easier to use: the BFH Store will show every item once, and by hovering over or clicking on it you'll be able to see all the different price options, as well as durations that are available for that item.

Punk, Busted!
Yes, PunkBuster is here! Cheaters and hackers beware!

Reporting players
Find a misbehaving player by Hero(in-game) name or by their player(web display) name and report them!

Battlefield Heroes has been in closed beta since last year. DICE intends to simply expand the closed beta over time until it has a player base the size of a retail game.

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