Nintendo has launched their website for E3 2013. The website details the company's slightly unorthodox approach to this year's gaming convention.

Typically, Nintendo holds a press conference at E3 like Microsoft and Sony. However, they've decided against a presser this year. Instead, they'll be hosting smaller events. For example, they'll be live-streaming a Nintendo Direct presentation at 7 a.m. PT on June 11th.

After the Nintendo Direct event, the E3 website will be updated with a steady stream of content. Expect trailers, interviews, announcements and more.

The E3 showfloor has demo kiosks to let attendees try out upcoming games. Nintendo is trying to give the public a taste of that by offering demos for four unreleased Wii U games at Best Buy locations. Additional details about these hands-on demos will be announced soon.

Coverage of this year's E3 will be dominated by news about Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4. The Wii U has been out for over six months now so it's simply not going to get the same amount of attention as the unreleased competitors. It's smart that Nintendo's avoiding a shootout with Microsoft and Sony and instead releasing news on their own terms.

You can find the Nintendo E3 website here. It contains a link to allow you to add the Nintendo Direct presentation to your mobile device's calendar.

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