Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Studios released a new trailer for their upcoming game, Of Orcs and Men. I have tell you, this is one of the few mainstream, mid-budget games I'm looking forward to this year.

The summer blockbuster trailer helps to setup the conflict between the orcs and the men. The orcs of the south are a fearsome, warrior-like tribe and most humans want to rid the land of all the orcs. Two orcs, a brazen warrior and assassin, team up to try to quell the war between the two species and they do a lot of head-bashing, assassin-type stuff along the way. Check it out in the new summer blockbuster trailer...

The game seems to be coming along quite nicely, and I really, really, really love the art-style and character aesthetics both on the human and orc side. Cyanide Studios really went over and beyond and I hope the rest of the game plays out as good as the graphics look.

You can look for the game to land on retail shelves soon for both home consoles and PC, with the North American distribution handled by Warner Bros. Entertainment. For more information on Of Orcs and Men be sure to pay a visit to the game's Official Website.

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