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PS4 Doesn't Block Used Games, Game Rentals

A new last minute reputation management troll-rumor has surfaced online in an attempt to curb Sony's momentum leading up to their big launch later this week. What is the troll-rumor? Well, it's reiterating old material from the old Xbox One DRM mission days when Microsoft was sending rep managers door-to-door to sell rights-rape to you in the form of an “All Digital Future”. Sony's worldwide studios boss has come forward to clear up the rumor.

Using his always evocative and distinctly diverse communication skills, Shuhei “The Boss” Yoshida decided to clear up a somewhat repugnant rumor that has surfaced just a few days out from the official launch of the PlayStation 4.

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My goodness, the sheer textual exposition of Shuhei “The Boss” Yoshida is matched by no one. I've never witnessed in my life such succinctly-poetic diction.

PSU picked up the rumor after it started with an article on Polygon regarding the updated terms and conditions of the PlayStation Network. The article quotes the portion of the terms and conditions that notes that...

“...the terms state users cannot re-sell "disc-based software or software downloads" unless authorized by Sony.”

Microsoft reputation management spent an inexplicable amount of time in their own secreted fluids from excitement, thinking that this was the moment in which they could make their overlord proud. Quickly and snappily, the managers concocted an anti-Sony, PS4-DRM campaign in which they would use it to curb-stomp the launch momentum with a single sentence. The plan was set. The actions were secure. Their conviction was righteous. Reputation management had victory within their sights...

The only problem is that Sony already authorized users to resell goods back during E3.


Those juices on the floor right now aren't from excitement... that's 35 grams of salt per every kilogram of H2O. You all know what that means right? Reputation management just cried an ocean of salty tears on the floor like Mitt Romney watching the 2012 Presidential election poll numbers roll in.

And just in case someone tries to say “But, but but... the terms and conditions are legal-proof!” Not so fast, Perry Mason. Sony reserves the right to modify the TOS as they see fit, just like any other company out there. What's more is that all the heads at Sony have already confirmed that the PS4 will allow for used games.

More than anything, gamers should be wary of the big black brick that has the heart of evil built straight into its soul. That stuff is never completely gone; it looms over your living room like a dark, ominous cloud, always watching... always listening... just waiting for the remote command to embrace its natural state of entertainment despotism.

On the flip-side, PS4 owners get to play games and have fun without worrying about any of that Lord of the Rings Sauron crap.

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