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PS4 Gamers Can Shoot Dinosaurs Later This Month

Dinosaurs are on the rampage and its up to a handful of tough-as-nails scientists and hunters to bring them down. But here's the twist when it comes to playing upcoming PlayStation 4 game Primal Carnage: Extinction: Players will be in control of both sides of that insane battle.

Feeling like a mix of Jurassic World, Team Fortress 2 and maybe a little Evolve, Primal Carnage: Extinction is a competitive multiplayer game where one group of players gear up with guns and gadgets and the other group of players will use size, speed, maneuverability and sharp teeth to their advantage. It's been a long time coming, and it'll finally arrive on the PS4 come Oct. 20.

If your answer to “What do you want to be for Halloween,” is “Dinosaur bait,” then you might want to check out the latest details from Panic Button and Circle 5 Studio's upcoming multiplayer title. It's a bit simplistic on the graphics side of things, but I think that actually amplifies the delightfully cheesy set-up and B-movie action of humans trying to battle a bunch of dinos.

Panic Button Director of Development Adam Creighton recently dropped by the PlayStation Blog to drop off that Oct. 20 release date, as well as some additional details for the upcoming game.

Releasing just in time for International Dinosaur Month, Primal Carnage: Extinction is a class-based competitive game that Creighton describes as boasting “no-frills, jump in and have fun PS4 multiplayer mayhem” with a player count of 16. Sadly, there will be no splitscren for this dino-hunting romp.

Four modes will be on offer at launch, including Team Deathmatch and Get to the Chopper, where the humans hope to control several points around a map in order to trigger a helicopter escape. Survival mode is a solo or cooperative mode that lets you take on wave upon wave of dinos controlled by AI. Finally, there's Free Roam, where players can just run around killing each other without a KDR or timer getting in the way.

While out in the field, payers will have five classes to choose from on each side of the battle. The original post goes into full detail for each class but, as a brief introduction, the dinos have access to critters like the Dilophosaurus, who can blind enemies from a distance, blind and slow down their enemies with poisonous fangs. The Carnotaurus is that T-Rex/Bull-looking thing that charges its enemies and actually heals by chomping on its human pray. There's also the standard Tyrannosaurus Rex, who makes for an easier target but can tank through puny humans if they get too close.

Speaking of humans, the Pyro will pack literal heat in the form of a flamethrower while the Trapper can capture smaller dinosaurs or lock the jaws of bigger brutes. There's also a Scientist, who specializes in sniping or hitting dinosaurs with tranquilizers to put them to sleep. Obviously, none of the humans are too powerful on their own but, working in a group of two or more, their abilities complement each other well.

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