Primal Carnage To Get New (And Free) Skins, Mode And Map

Look, we get it. You really, really want more content for your favorite (and most likely only) human vs. dinosaur kill-a-thon, Primal Carnage. Luckily for you, I’m in real tight with the folks at Reverb Publishing and Lukewarm Media and I asked, nay, demanded that they bring you fine people some additional content ASAP. They responded rather quickly, actually, with the first free DLC pack due out later this month, bringing in some new dino skins, a new map and a new mode.

Okay, so, by no now you’ve probably realized that I had absolutely nothing to do with this new content for Primal Carnage. But while my involvement may have been absolutely zero, that doesn’t mean we can’t all still get super excited for the new DLC.

Primal Carnage is a first-person shooter/biter set in a world where humans and dinosaurs co-exist. And by “co-exist,” I mean they spend their time pumping bullets into one another or tearing each other limb from limb. While the game has only been live for a little while, the developers have announced that the first batch of DLC is nearly ready to roll out. Even better is the fact that it’s all 100 percent free.

First up will be a pack of new skins for the game’s dinosaur faction, giving each of the main carnivores a new look to strut out on the killing fields.

More exciting, though, is the new mode. Code named “Get to the Chopper,” the new mode (complete with a brand new map) will see human players trying to work as a team to reach an extraction point while the dino team works as a team to smash said humans into a bloody paste.

“Gamers are hungry for more content and today we reveal not only these character skin updates, but also ‘Get to the Chopper,’ the first of several additional game modes that will be offered absolutely free to our players,” said lead designer Ashton Anderson. “Primal Carnage and its community are looking forward to solidifying our foothold as a stellar multiplayer experience unlike anything else on the market.”

To take the game for a spin before the new content hits later this month, you can pick up Primal Carnage now at its official website, or search for it on sites Steam, GameStop, GamersGate and Rain DG.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.