PS4 Launch Titles Murdered By Wii U Launch Titles On Metacritic

Remember the Wii U's exclusive launch line-up? You know, games like New Super Mario Bros. U? Nintendo Land? ZombiU? Well, guess what? They own the PS4's line-up. Yup, those aforementioned games have put a whooping to the PlayStation 4's launch line-up... if we're going by Metacritic scores.

While Resolutiongate: The Pixeling rages on – with fanboys between the Xbone and the PS4 arguing over pixel density and resolution parity – other gamers have argued that graphics and resolution don't matter (including Microsoft's own VP, Phil Spencer). Well, if you really want to argue that “it's all about the games”, I have some bad news for you (although it's good news for Nintendonites): The Wii U beats the pants off the PlayStation 4's exclusive line-up like Justin Bieber beats Kid Rock in record sales.

It may be small, skinny looking and catering to loud little children, but it can still open up a can on the competition when it needs to.

Earlier we reported that the PlayStation 4 launch titles were being killed on Metacritic. Well, if you take those hideous scores – scores uglier than a Lady Gaga meat dress – you'll see that they match up in piss-poor ways to Nintendo's offerings. Check out the comparisons below.

Killzone: Shadow Fall, Sony's biggest AAA game for the PS4, sits at 75 on Metacritic with a user rating of 7.7.

ZombiU, Ubisoft's exclusive AAA launch title for the Wii U, sits at 77 on Metacritic with a user rating of 7.5.

Looks like Nintendo cleaned house on the AAA front. So what's next? Ah, yes, the mid-level offerings. Let's take a look at the scores.

Knack, the Cernified family adventure title for the PS4, sits at 59 on Metacritic with a user rating of 6.9.

New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo's reliable system-selling brand for the Wii U, sits at 84 on Metacritic with a user rating of 8.0.

Another victory for the Big 'N'. This slaughter is worse than Jason Voorhees at spring break in Cancun.

Moving on to the sub-par offerings that companies threw out there to hit the middle grounds... we have two titles that were unlikely to be considered system movers but both Sony and Nintendo hoped the following would hit a sweet spot with tree-hugging, new wave, French hipsters and annoying little brats. I'm talking about Contrast and Nintendo Land.

Contrast, the art-deco French platformer for the PS3, PS4 and PC, sits at 67 on Metacritic with a user rating of 7.3.

Nintendo Land, the cash-in mini-game affair for the Wii U, sits at 77 on Metacritic with a user rating of 7.7.

Last and least are two games that could very well be considered bargain-bin bait; it's a battle of the twin-stick shooters that no one cares about... I'm talking about Resogun and Nano Assault Neo for the PS4 and Wii U, respectively. Both titles looked to underwhelm with marginally uninspired gameplay, but surprisingly, one came out on top over the other in an unlikely fashion.

Resogun, from developers XDEV, sits at 82 on Metacritic with a user rating of 8.6.

Nano Assault Neo, the worthless title from Majesco, sits at 71 on Metacritic with a user rating of 7.2.

Score the one and only win for the PS4 over the Wii U. Still, Nintendo's little tablet monster has managed to best Sony's fourth-generation beast in the games department – according to Metacritic – with three of their exclusive launch games beating out the competition in review scores. On the upside, at least the PS4 wins out with stronger hardware, so it's not all bust.

Additionally, many of the PS4's game reviews are still coming in and the scores may shift a few points north or south by this same time next week. However, it's likely that the gauge has already been set and the only needle-changing variable will be with the user review scores, for PS4 games.

What's more is that I would be willing to bet that the Wii U will also absolutely, 100%, right across the board, beat the living bull crap out of the Xbox One in Metacritic scores game-for-game when Microsoft's system drops next week.

If the Wii U beats the Xbox One in games, then not only will the Xbox One have been slaughtered on the hardware front by the PS4 but it will have lost on the game front against the Wii U. Total annihilation for the Xbox 720p.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.