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PS4 Update 2.5 Details Leaked

One of the big requests for the PS4 was a resume feature when going in rest mode. The feature was paraded as part of the main features for the PS4 way back when it was first announced, but it hasn't appeared... well it might be appearing now.

Destructoid spotted the leak from a Twitter user who let loose the changelog for the supposed upcoming release of the PlayStation 4 update 2.50.

Some of the supposed new features include the ability to alter the buttons for accessibility compatibility. For instance, Destructoid notes that the D-pad, the shoulder buttons and the face buttons can all be reassigned for different purposes, so 'X' no longer has to be to accept things, you can make it show info or go back a page or whatever you want.

The most important part of the leak is the rest/resume feature. A lot of people have been desperately asking about the rest/resume because they wanted to be able to play their PS4 games and then stop and put the system in a suspend state and have the games pause where you last were. This then enables you to resume your position in the game when you come out of the rest mode.

For some reason people have been clamoring for this feature since forever and lamented its late arrival for the PS4. The Xbox One does have this feature and allows you to go into sleep mode while a game is paused using snap feature. On PC we call this “alt-tabbing”. In fact, you can alt-tab and put your PC in sleep mode and still resume it... heck, you've been able to do this for quite some time. I guess it's nice that consoles finally caught up, eh?

The update for 2.5 will also feature the ability to delete trophies with 0% achievement, as well as the ability to sort your trophies by various factors. Even more than that, sharing will be enabled for trophy details and screenshots, so if you want to showcase a fancy shot of your trophy collection with a few friends or rivals, you can do so.

Share Play will also be updated after its original inclusion in update 2.0. This is another really big feature for the PS4 and has been the subject of a lot of discussion. It didn't make the initial PS4 release but it did arrive... eventually. Sony plans to enable a 60fps Share Play option as well as the ability to test the host's connection speed before playing. Users will also have to run the same version of Share Play for it to operate correctly.

Social media network functions have also been pegged to make the cut in 2.5, with Facebook friend implementation that can be displayed in the [Players You May Know] tab. Real name friend requests can be sent along with screen handle friend requests.

There are a couple of other features in the 2.50 update that's covered, such as using the touchpad on the DualShock 4 controller to pause and play movies, or making use of the new Discover feature that allows you to learn more about the PS4's system features and the latest update.

Of course, the big news out of the leak is all about the Rest/Resume feature. I wonder what gamers will look forward to next for the PS4's updates beyond 2.50?

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.