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PlayStation gamers had a rough time going online this weekend. PSN was apparently hit by another DDoS attack by the usual suspects.

Sony first confirmed problems with the service on Friday night. The issues then persisted through Saturday:
If you're still having problems, the PlayStation Support Twitter account recommends that you restart your console.

While PSN was down, the group Lizard Squad took to Twitter to gloat and claim responsibility:
Lizard Squad is the same outfit that was responsible for taking PSN and Xbox Live offline during the holidays. Past targets of Lizard Squad also include PC games by Blizzard and Daybreak Games. Given their past behavior, it wouldn't be surprising if they were truly responsible for this weekend's PSN outage.

The FBI has been allegedly investigating Lizard Squad since last fall. Lizard Squad gloated about how the federal agency hasn't taken them down just yet, though.
The group halted their holiday DDoS attack on Xbox Live and PSN due to the intervention of Mega co-founder Kim Dotcom. Dotcom allegedly offered them lifetime premium membership to his file-sharing service on the condition that they would never take PSN or Xbox Live offline again. Obviously they've broken that agreement with this latest attack. Kim Dotcom hasn't commented on the matter yet.

Meanwhile, Lizard Squad says that they have other mischief planned for the near future as well.

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