PlayStation Gets The Crew, Secret Ponchos, Kingdom Hearts This Week

The first week of December is upon us and with it comes a selection of eight new (and not-so-new) games for you to grab on your PlayStation 4, PS3 or Vita. At the front of the pack you’ll find The Crew, speeding onto Sony’s latest home console with cars and tracks aplenty.

Now that the new generation of game consoles is up and running, it’s time we saw more driving titles to help keep the gearheads busy. Oh, wait! What’s that I see coming down the freeway? Why, it’s The Crew, of course, and it’s officially ready to raise the checkered flag starting this week. Boasting a rare story mode for a driving game, you’ll be trying to infiltrate the 510s, a group of criminal street racers, by visiting cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Detroit. The game looks pretty slick in action, as you can see from the above trailer.

Three other games are popping up on the PS4 this week, making it a pretty busy day for the console. Final Horizon will offer its unique brand of tower defense while Telltale dishes out yet another adventure game for folks who like decisions with consequences. Tales From the Borderlands unleashed its first chapter just last week while, this week, player can dive into the twisting and winding stories of A Game of Thrones. This serial game will bridge the most recent season of the HBO series with the upcoming episodes and, as we reported last week, it will feature several of the show’s talent reprising their roles as the voice cast.

Also launching this week, as a PlayStation Plus title no less, is Secret Ponchos for the PS4. Players will compete in a strategic twin-stick shooter set in the wild west, complete with class-based gunplay that takes advantage of unique abilities and itchy trigger fingers. If you subscribe to Plus, you can grab this one at no extra charge once this week’s games launch on Tuesday afternoon.

The PSone Classic, Chess also hits digital shelves this week, alongside Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy on the PlayStation Vita. The former pretty much tells you everything you need to know in the title while the latter is a JRPG with strategic combat.

The unique puzzle/exploration game, Syberia will arrive on the PS3 this week, alongside Kingdome Harts HD 2.5 ReMIX. If you’re looking for three more Kingdom Hearts games crammed into a single package, on the cheap, for your last gen console, well, now you know exactly where to look.

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.