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Pokemon Trailer Shows Off Cosplay Pikachu, Mega Evolutions, Pokemon-Amie

It looks like the Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Saphire remakes will be mixing a little old with a little new, complementing the new graphics and battle engine with Mega transformations for select critters and even the Pokemon-Amie mode for fans who like to spend quality time with their favorite ‘Mon. All of that, and more, is available now in a brand new trailer.

Launching Nov. 21 in the US and Canada, we’ve known for a while now that the rebooted versions of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire would boast more than just a graphical overhaul. Last week, The Pokemon Company revealed that players would be able to create their own Secret Base within the game, a customizable zone they could decorate, set traps in and more, then share with their buddies via QR codes. Today’s trailer shows off a brief bit of gameplay from these customizable zones, along with all kinds of sneak peeks at other content.

For instance, who knew Pikachu was into cosplay? Apparently everyone’s favorite lightning-squirrel-thing is hosting some sort of an event at a Contest Hall, something he’s advertising by popping up in outfits that include a doctor, a southern belle, a rock star and more.

And if that wasn’t adorable enough for ya, then you’ll be happy to know that you’ll be able to interact with cosplay Pikachu in the brand new version of Pokemon-Amie. Introduced in last year’s Pokemon X/Y, Pokemon-Amie lets players get up close and personal with their favorite critters by petting them, feeding them Poke Puffs and playing interactive mini-games. Doing this will up the individual Pokemon’s stats, allowing them to more regularly evade attacks, land critical hits and the like.

Fans of the original Ruby/Sapphire will be happy to return to the Hoenn Region, beginning their journey alongside Professor Birch in Littleroot Town. That’s where you’ll get your first Pokedex and Poke-pal to begin your (sort of) new adventure. From there, it’s off to best the Leaders of the eight local gyms, as well as the legendary Final Four.

After that, it’s off to go toe to toe with the League Champion, Steven, whose trusty Metagross Pokemon has a new trick up its sleeve: Mega evolution. Just like in Pokemon X/Y, several Pokemon in these latest versions will be able to turn into their ultimate form, granting them new powers and abilities.

Finally, fans are being encouraged to keep their eye out for announcements concerning a Diancie giveaway at GameStop sometime this fall. Players will be able to download the ‘Mon to their copy of X/Y and, when Omga/Alpha comes out, they’ll be able to Mega evolve Diancie in the new game. Keep your eyes on the official website for more details.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.