Project CARS First PS4 Screenshots Compared To PC Graphics

Sony and Slightly Mad Studios have released the very first set of in-game images of the upcoming simulation racer, Project CARS, for the PlayStation 4. Quite naturally, the very first thing any gaming website worth the salt in their tear ducts was to compare the graphics between the PS4 and PC versions of the game.

The first batch of screenshots come courtesy of the official PlayStation blog, where they roll out the very first in-game images of how the Project CARS looks running on the PlayStation 4. It's impressive... truly impressive.

Of course, screenshots mean very little on their own and it's only in the comparison to other platforms and hardware do they gain any merit at all. So quite naturally, Gaming Bolt did a graphical breakdown between both the PS4 and PC versions of Slightly Mad Studios' upcoming simulation racer.

You've got two images below, and unlike the Gaming Bolt article, I'm actually going to let you guess which one is which.

The differences are kind of negligible because of the time of day, environment and weather effects, but for those of you completely torn on which one is which, the top display is from PC and the bottom one is from the PS4.

In this case the images are the other way around: PC is at the bottom and the PS4 is at the top. Once more, the differences are negligible due to the time of day, visual effects and car positioning.

There's one more set of screens you can check out.

PC is at the top and PS4 is at the bottom.

All righty, let's cut to the chase: If you have a potato for a PC you're unlikely to get good mileage out of Project CARS. Yes, it would probably be best to grab a console port if that is the case.

If you have a PC capable of 2K resolutions and pumping out max setting visuals at 60 consistent frames per second, then there is no reason whatsoever to settle for the console version. I mean, you're roughly giving up about 280,000 pixels by comparison, consistent frame-rates and maybe some other extraneous visual candy here and there.

Now, some fanboys might take this as a sign that the PS4 will be able to run games on par to high-end gaming rigs, but in reality we won't know for sure until we see the game in action.

For now, at least PS4 owners can rest easy knowing that the game won't look like a potato-faced Hollywood celebrity who forgot to get their annual facelift.

Now all we need is to see how the Xbox One and Wii U versions of Project CARS are shaping up.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.