With less than a week to go on their Kickstarter campaign, Black Forest Games is working diligently to spread the word about their 3D, side-scrolling platformer called Project Giana. With a goal of $150,000 the team is barely getting there as they sit at the $107,000 mark looking for that extra boost to get them across the finish line.

Blues popped a promo for the game recently, and the project itself is actually based on an old Mario-style clone from the late 80s called Project Giana. Now I'll be the first to admit that I don't remember this game at all, but given that there were a bevy of clones from a lot of popular games back in the day, it's no surprise this one slipped under the radar.

As you'll see in the promo video below, the newest iteration of the clone-turned-classic actually looks a lot closer to Crystal Dynamics' Pandemonium series than it does Mario, which isn't a bad thing at all. I really liked Pandemonium.

It looks all right. I can't really complain much about anything noteworthy and the pace, graphics and visual aesthetic all have a measure of appeal. I suppose one of the reasons it's having a slow time making it to the finish line is that it is slightly generic in its presentation (in the video, at least) and it hasn't received enough promotion at enough websites to garner some of the support it might deserve.

If you've been itching for more fast-paced side-scrolling platformers, then this isn't a bad looking game to throw your support behind. And let's be honest, we really don't get fast-paced platformers that much...except for Sonic, but after his inter-species relationship we all have to admit that we'll never really look at him the same again, it's like walking in on your teacher getting it on with the janitor...eck.

Anyway, Project Giana is right there at its Kickstarter goal and it's looking for a little bit of help to get to that finish line. You can pledge your support right now at the Kickstarter Page or learn more about their game by visiting their Official Website, which also has some demo levels for you to play as well.

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