Not all of the news coming out of the Nintendo camp is about Mario Kart this week. For fans of the portable ’Mo games, Pushmo and Crashmo, for the 3DS, you should be excited to learn that the series is finally making the jump to home consoles with a June 19 launch of Pushmo World on the Wii U. To celebrate, those portable games we were just talking about are getting a nice discount.

That’s right, Pushmo World is heading to the Wii U eShop in a few weeks, for the low-low price of $9.99, no less. According to the official announcement from Nintendo, World will once again task players with pushing, pulling and climbing all over a bunch of blocks in order to solve a brand new set of 250-plus puzzles.

“What separates Pushmo World from the other games in the series, besides the crisp and colorful HD graphics and original puzzles, is the addition of world Pushmo Fair, an in-game hub that gives players an easy way to share and download new puzzles,” reads the statement from The Big N. “To celebrate the upcoming launch of Pushmo World, Nintendo is holding a special price promotion event in which Pushmo and Crashmo will be available at discounted prices…running through June 13.”

Nintendo goes on to tout the game’s “fun for the whole family” vibe, with characters and aesthetics that kids will be able to get behind and increasingly difficult puzzles aimed at providing a challenge for gamers new and old. In Pushmo World, players will explore 3D environments overflowing with blocky-puzzles. What starts off as a simple series of pushing, pulling and climbing will evolve into a real mind-bender, as smaller conundrums give way to screen-filling puzzles that’ll require quite a bit of tinkering to figure out. Puzzles will also take on the form of familiar shapes, including everyday objects, animals and even some classic Nintendo characters.

But you won’t need to dive in head first, as Pushmo World will also offer a collection of training puzzles to introduce new players to the various mechanics. And after you plow through the game’s developer-built puzzles, you’ll also be able to enjoy endless challenges through the World Pushmo Fair. That’s also where you’ll find access to the game’s Miiverse community, available from directly within the game.

For those of you who are new to the series, but want to find out what it’s all about before the June 19 release of Pushmo World, simply jump on your 3DS and grab one of the earlier titles at a discounted price.

Both the original Pushmo and Crashmo will be discounted for Nintendo’s portable console, resulting in a $4.69 price tag for the former and a $5.99 selling point for the latter.

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