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This weekend Ubisoft released the first trailer for Rabbids Rumble. It shows a couple Rabbids fighting each other. As usual, they can't help but be kind of adorable.

In Rumble, players will collect over a hundred different Rabbids. Each has a distinct set of abilities. You'll train them and then use them in battles against other Rabbids.

The game will support one-versus-one multiplayer so you can test your stable of Rabbids against your friends'. Utilizing the "Street Pass" feature of the 3DS, you can also share scores with other players that you walk past. You can even unlock new Rabbids, training bonuses or other items with this feature.

Though the game has been flowing below the radar for the past few months, it's actually coming to the 3DS very soon. It'll launch here in North America on November 13th.

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