Reef Entertainment is slowly spilling more media assets out of the PR wagon as they lead up to the release of Rambo: The Video Game. The latest bit of in-game goodness to release for Rambo shows John wielding what looks like an M60 and laying complete waste to the small town from the original First Blood movie.

DSO Gaming managed to spot the latest screenshot for the game, and I must say that it's looking really, really good. The game, that is. The latest screenshot follows up closely on the news that the game will use official audio cues from the trilogy of movies, including theme songs, grunts and catchphrases.

The lighting seems to be tuned right for a very atmospheric, almost horror-movie look and the model and shader work is oh-so-impressive. The scuff marks and scratches on the LMG is a night nod to a weapon that's been beaten, battered and dragged through the mud. This is a stark contrast in weaponry, as the last screenshot for the game showed us Rambo's clean and pristine explosive bow and arrow set.

I'm also digging the tie-in of the background fidelity with the foreground map. In a lot of games there seems to be a disparity between the skybox and the game map that gives it this disconnected look (as much as I loved Deus Ex: Human Revolution, this very flaw was quite apparent throughout the game). That kind of disparity can sometimes dislodge the player from the immersion of playing the game. Hopefully, in the final version that actually gets released, the game can maintain that same level of continuity with its visual fidelity.

You can check out the new screenshot below or visit the Official Website to learn more about the upcoming Rambo game.

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