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It's the week many-a gamer has been waiting for. This Friday, Nov. 15, the PlayStation 4 finally arrives. But while it will be bringing along a somewhat indeterminate amount of new games for everyone to play, the curtain is far from setting on its predecessor, the PlayStation 3. We've still got a bit of time to kill before the next generation and, on the PS3, we can while away the hours with the likes of a new Ratchet & Clank, a couple of Wonderbook titles and more.

This week, Sony has opted to conduct the new game announcements as usual. In other words, only the games that are coming out tomorrow, Nov. 12, are included in this week's The Drop. Nothing for the PS4 is listed here, as I'm sure that particular console and all of its launch day games will receive more than enough attention by the end of the week.

For now, though, it's all about the PS3 and Vita. And what better way to wrap up a generation than in a similar fashion to how it began? Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction helped kick start the era of the PlayStation 3, offering up a brand new adventure for two of the PlayStation's biggest icons, lovely new graphics and adventures that spanned the galaxy. That particular story arc has continued over the past seven or so years in the form of a couple of sequels and, with the launch of the PS4 looming, the team at Insomniac Games are taking the dynamic duo out with a bang, wrapping up the current story arc with Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus.

“With Into the Nexus, the team at Insomniac Games has once again built a planet-jumping tale of adventure and daring,” said Sony Social Media Specialist Ryan Clements. “ “The story follows Ratchet and Clank as they work to stop the terrifyingly powerful Vendra Prog, whose intentions defy the very boundaries of the dimension.”

Expect new weapons, mechanics, suits and gameplay in this epilogue to the Tools of Destruction story arc, available digitally and at retail.

Also hitting retail this week is the physical version of DuckTales HD. Following last week's patch to fine-tune a few of the game's small hiccups, this version of DuckTales can be grabbed by those who prefer a physical copy, or just want to save some of that constantly shrinking hard drive space.

Injustice: Gods Amung Us Ultimate Edition also launches this week, offering six new playable characters, 60 additional missions and 30-plus skins for your favorite DC heroes and villains to duke it out in.

The PS3 version of Velocity Ultra also arrives this week, alongside the premium XCOM DLC, Enemy Within.

Finally, a trio of Wonderbook games are here just in time to keep the kids busy through the holidays, including Book of Potions, Diggs Nightcrawler and Walking with Dinosaurs.

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