Console gamers with a love for adventure games are likely familiar with crafty sleuth, Red Johnson. He’s got a pair of games out for the PS3 and Xbox 360 that wrap investigation, puzzle solving and even some light action in a deliciously noir setting, and now mouse and keyboard gamers with a hunger for mystery and humor can finally get in on the action with the release of Red Johnson’s Chronicles and Red Johnson’s Chronicles: One Against All on PC.

Anuman Interactive has partnered with developer Lexis Numerique in porting the Red Johnson games to PC, revamping both titles for their new platform.

The Red Johnson games add a bit of additional depth to the standard adventure genre. Players can investigate scenes, gather clues, interrogate witnesses and follow leads in order to solve various mysteries, as well as take part in action-oriented quicktime events in order to duke it out with a violent suspect or keep from getting shot. The games takes place in beautiful, gritty settings with some cutscenes taking on a classic black and white aesthetic.

In the original Red Johnson’s Chronicles, the titular detective is brought in by the Metropolis PD to help piece together a murder mystery thought to be unsolvable. In Red Johnson’s Chronicles: One Against All, Red’s brother has been kidnapped by the mob, making the case personal.

Along with all new gameplay for the PC crowd, both games feature dozens of puzzles to solve, a darkly humorous story, various action scenes to navigate, the ability to check out collected items in full 3D and a clever help system that will nudge players in the right direction if the clues just aren’t adding up.

Red Johnson’s Chronicles can be purchased on GamersGate for $15 with One Against All available for $20.

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