Retrode 2 Lets PC Users Play Sega, SNES Cartridges Via USB

You still have that old stockpile of SNES and Sega Genesis/Megadrive cartridges locked away in a dusty old bin or closet? Well, good news for you old cartridge hoarders: the Retrode 2 USB device lets you play old games on your PC and you can even use your old controllers, too.

According to MCV, hardware developer Retrode has a new device that's available for pre-order right now that enables you play your old SNES/Sega carts on your PC. You'll still need an emulator to actually run the carts but the device does all the converting and hard work. You can even use your old controllers to play the games the way they were always meant to be played...without analog sticks!

A question of legality comes into play given that the device enables users to play old Sega and SNES games without the requirement of an actual Super Nintendo Entertainment System or Sega Genesis console. However, the device still requires users to actually own an original copy of the cart, so it's not like there's any software piracy going on for those who do buy the Retrode 2.

Maybe before things get too heavy the Retrode crew should take the Bleem! fiasco as a warning of what might happen if they decide to battle it out in court if Sega or Nintendo ever decide to take things that far. In the end, even when the little guy wins, the little guy still loses.

Those of you who don't care about all that legality nonsense and just want to play your old games in HD on your PC, using your old controllers and stuff, feel free to check out the pre-order page for the Retrode 2 over at the Official Retrode Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.