Oh boy, the new alpha videos of Road Redemption are so comforting! Mainly for the fact that they certify that the game won't turn out to be a turd.

The first video above gives you a glimpse at the on-track carnage that transpires between players and NPCs. You can see that there's a lot happening in a short amount of time and the 45 second video does a fine job of curating the more wacky elements that I'll get to in the video below.

So YouTube user Mr. Paladin1176, which seems like a forum name you would expect to see on GameFaqs, rolled out his own personal video from his experiences with the alpha build of Road Redemption and it's beautiful... absolutely beautiful. Check out the marvelous gameplay carnage below.

I'm sure some of you are thinking... “That looked like a jangily mess!” Well, of course it does, silly.

The whole point is that this is the evolution of Road Rash from the Sega Genesis era. The whole point is that there are crazy, high-speed races you must tame under the throttle of your super bike, and there are cars driving at unwieldy speeds to put you in a ditch. There's a keen hand-eye, coordination balance that must be struck in order to stay on the road, fight off anyone who is trying to move faster than you to secure a good position before crossing the finish line and dodge the crazy oncoming traffic.

The video above by Mr. Paladin shows that players will be battling just as much against the traffic as they will their twin-wheeled rivals. That's pretty slick, if I must say so myself.

Even though the game is still in its early alpha build and constantly being worked on by DarkSea Games following a successful Kickstarter campaign, what we see in the videos above are gameplay elements that center around challenge and difficulty. It's so refreshing to see an uncompromising and unforgiving game.

Road Redemption was recently greenlit for Steam, and it's scheduled to arrive for the Xbox One, PS4, Wii U and of course, PC.

You can learn more about the game by paying a kind visit to the official website. I'm pretty excited about this game and the videos above look very promising so far. Now I need to go check to see if it's already on Steam's Early Access, because if it is I need to pick up a copy.

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