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So a couple of places are fully behind the idea that God of War IV is coming exclusively to the PS3 in 2012, and not only are they oh-so-sure that a fourth iteration of the popular hack-and-slash title is on the way but they're also fully convinced that it will have a two-player cooperative feature.

According to SillieGamer [via VG 24/7] the evidence is continually mounting that a cooperative feature will make an appearance in the next God of War due out in 2012. Most of the rumblings spawn from UK magazine PSM3, who believes that Kratos and Deimos, both dead, will have to fight their way out of the underworld.

As stated in PSM3...
“Why is it hot? It’s bringing double kratos to the series. GOW 4 was confirmed to PSM3 mid-2011 by a reliable source, and rumours point to a multiplayer twist. Mad idea? Online co-op with a (possibly) dead Kratos and (very) dead brother Deimos teaming up to escape the afterlife.”

Where the two would go after escaping the afterlife? Well, that's another rumor for another day. I'm still not so sure I'm convinced that the game will have online co-op just based on someone's claim that they heard it from a reliable source. But PSM3 has a fair bit of clout in the world of video game journalism, and the recent hirings at the Santa Monica Studio behind the God of War series has been hiring for a number of positions, including someone with online programming capabilities.

In the end, this is still just a rumor and we won't know for sure until Sony officially unveils God of War IV with a fact sheet.

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