Indie games...we love them because they're not from “The Man”. Indie titles are made out of creative passion and usually touch on subject matter and game mechanics rarely ever touched by big budget studios. Well, one game that hearkens back to the nostalgia of the 80s with some really, really awesome concepts is Mighty Rabbit Studios' PC port of Saturday Morning RPG.

Now we're definitely going to be covering a ton of cool games currently awaiting votes via Steam's Greenlight process, and if there's a game that you feel needs a particular shout-out for votes or promotion, be sure to hit us up with the info.

Anyway, Saturday Morning RPG is a throwback RPG-adventure game that sees players taking on the role of a typical high-school loser during the 1980s boon of creative excess and superfluous style. Players will battle with and against many iconic representations of popular 80s icons as they aim to help Martin “Marty” Michael Hall win over the affection of his heart. Check out some of the gameplay in the trailer below, courtesy of Pocket Gamer.

Quite naturally, the game is being refitted for PC audiences, so you don't have to worry about smashing your fist into the screen to play, unless you just enjoy bloody knuckles and smashing your fists into your monitor. I probably won't ever be inviting you over, but I guess it's cool if you like smashing body parts into monitors.

Anyway, the game looks righteous and I can't wait to play it, assuming it gets enough votes so people can send the money from their wallets on a vacation to the coffers of Valve and Mighty Rabbit Studios.

I'm excited about this Steam Greenlight process and I can easily imagine investing an unhealthy amount of time looking over and reading about a ton of indie games trying to get onto Valve's service. If you have a standout game and you need some help getting votes or greenlit, feel free to shoot us an e-mail or drop a comment below to let us know which game needs a little extra help and exposure.

For more information on Saturday Morning RPG and to cast your vote, be sure to head on over to the Official SMRPG Greenlight Page.

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