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Killer Instinct is known for utilizing a variety of different fighters and characters. In addition to utilizing the standard characters from the game, players from other popular video game franchises have joined the fray to duke it out and kick some ass.

Now, Tusk is about ready to enter the Killer Instinct arena but, like a true gentleman, he's decided to introduce himself first. Say hello to the Killer Instinct Tusk introduction trailer.

It's hard to believe, but (currently) Xbox One exclusive fighter Killer Instinct is already entering its third season of allowing gamers to beat the stuffing out of one another. Along the way, quite a few new characters have been added to the mix, including familiar monsters from Killer Instinct games of the past, as well as brand new brawlers.

To highlight that fact, our road map ahead includes the likes of Kim Wu from Killer Instinct 2, the completely out there Rash from Battletoads, as well as the first teased and then revealed Arbiter from the Halo series, shiny sword and all. Needless to say, folks seem pretty hyped about that trio of new characters making a mad dash for KI.

Set to launch on March 29, Season 3 for Killer Instinct's DLC promises to offer a diverse group of fighters, including the now-on-display brute, Tusk.

According to Tusk's throaty monologue, the guy is thousands of years old and he has a real memory problem. Calling himself the “watchman of the gods” and swinging around a bastard sword, Tusk kind of feels like a mix of Kratos with Thor...but with some modern military garb tacked on for good measure? Clearly this Tusk is a complex dude.

What really matters for Killer Instinct, though, is how he fights. I really got a Nightmare vibe, from Soulcalibur fame, which is certainly not a bad thing. Tusk packs a mean punch as is, but throw in that sword and the guy has some reach and plenty of brute force. He's not new to the series, but he certainly looks like a new character in action.

That March 29 date is also important to Killer Instinct because it marks the day that more players than ever will be able to enjoy the game, as it makes the jump to PC. Season 3 will also introduce the usual assortment of balance tweaks into Killer Instinct, as well as a visual facelift.

Killer Instinct seems to be doing pretty dang well for itself, but it also feels like it continues to fly under quite a few radars. We'd be interested to hear if any of our readers have been following the game. If so, how has it evolved over the years? Are you still enjoying the brutal shenanigans and, if so, are you looking forward to Season 3? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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